Western Water Law Links (Water Quality and Water Quantity) - see also Snowpack Research


Alaska Dept. of Natural Resources  

Arizona Depart. of Water Resources

California State Water Resources Control Board

California Dept. of Water Resources

Colorado Division of Water Resources  

Colorado Water Conservation Board 

Colorado Ground Water Commission

Hawaii Dept. of Land and Natural Resources

Idaho Dept. of Water Resources

Kansas Dept. of Water Resources

Montana Depart. of Natural Resources and Conservation

North Dakota State Water Commission

Nebraska Dept. of Natural Resources

Nevada Dept. of Water Resources  

New Mexico Office of the State Engineer  

Oklahoma Water Resources Board  

Oregon Water Resources Department

South Dakota Dept. of Environment and Natural Resources  

Texas Water Development Board  

Texas Commission on Environmental Quality

Utah Dept. of Water Resources  

Washington Dept. Of Ecology  

Wyoming State Engineer/


Alaska: Dept. of Environmental Conservation, Division of Water:

Azizona Department of Environmental Quality 

California Environmental Protection Agency

Colorado Dept. of Public Health and Environment, Water Quality Control Division  

Hawai’i State Department of Health, Water Quality

Idaho Dept. of Environmental Quality, Water Quality

Kansas Dept. of Health and Environment, Bureau of Water

Montana Dept. of Environmental Quality  

Nebraska Dept. of Environmental Quality, Water Quality Division

Nevada Division of Environmental Protection

New Mexico Environment Dept., Water and Waste Management

North Dakota Dept. of Health, Division of Water Quality

Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality, Water Quality Division 

Oregon Department of Environmental Quality, Water Quality Program

South Dakota Dept. of Environment and Natural Resources

Texas Commission on Environmental Quality

Utah Department of Environmental Quality, Water Quality Division

Washington Department of Ecology

Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality  

State Fish & Wildlife Agencies

Arizona Game and Fish Department

California Dept. of Fish and Game

Colorado Division of Wildlife - Fishing

Oregon Dept. of Fish and Wildlife

Washington Dept. of Fish and Wildlife


USGS WaterWatch

USGS Water Quality Watch

Western Water Assessment (NOAA)

NOAA Fisheries (formerly NMFS)

USBR Water Operations  

Salmon Recovery info (Columbia River Basin)

Northwest Power and Conservation Council

National Streamflow Information Program

Reservoir Storage

EPA's Surf Your Watershed

Environmental Protection Agency

U.S. Geological Survey - Water Page

National Mapping - USGS


Environmental Law: The Clean Water Act

Water Organizations

Save American Rivers: 108 Nature Conservancy Organizations (Listing)

American Rivers

California Water Law Symposium

Colorado Section - American Water Resources Association

Colorado Water Trust

Columbia Basin Water Transactions Program

Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission

Deschutes Resources Conservancy

The Freshwater Trust

Ground Water Protection Council

Idaho Water Users Association

Klamath Basin in Crisis

Klamath Water User's Association

Montana Water Center

Native American Rights Fund

Natural Resources Law Center (University of Colorado)

Oregon Water Resources Congress

Pacific Legal Foundation 

Washington State Section - American Water Resources Association

Washington Water Trust

WaterWatch of Oregon

Western Progress

Western States Water Council

Westwater Research

Western Resource Advocates

Water Resources Institutes and Research Groups

Arizona Water Resources Research Center

Institute for Water & Watersheds - Oregon State University

Water Conservation

Water Conservation & the Possibilities: Opportunities Available Through Water Conservation

Sustainable Water Infrastructure Program - EPA

Air & Water, Inc.

Water Conservation at Home

Save Water When Traveling

Water and Ecosystem: Speakers and Publications


Snowpack Maps

     Western United States


     Colorado, Rio Grande and Arkansas River Basins

     Pacific Northwest

     Great Basin and California

     Missouri River Basin

Snowpack Reports

Miscellaneous Storage and Precipitation Information:

Reservoirs: The Waters of the West

U.S. Precipitation Forecast map

Water Supply Outlook for the Western U.S.

Pacific Northwest Reservoir "Teacup" Reports

Palmer Drought Index

Rio Grande Reservoir Storage

Drinking Water Map (EPA)

Streamflow Conditions (Daily) - USGS

Satellite Weather:

NOAA Satellite: Western U.S.

Satellite Images


Stormwater and Polluted Runoff Prevention

Precipitation Forecasts

     Northwest Precipitation Forecast

     Central Precipitation Forecast

     West Central Precipitation Forecast

     Southwest Precipitation Forecast


Dividing the Waters

Continuing Legal Education: Water & Environmental Programs

     Law Seminars International

     The Seminar Group

     CLE International