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THIS MONTH'S ISSUE - TWR #163: September 15, 2017

In-Depth Water Articles:

Engaging with Tribes: Implementing California’s Sustainable Groundwater Management Act - Requirements, Rights, Options & Opportunities As Concerns Tribes by Stephanie Lucero JD, LLM; Marcelle E. DuPraw PhD; Sarah Di Vittorio PhD; and Dave Ceppos, The Center for Collaborative Policy (Sacramento, CA)

Washington Water Code: Perspectives on Washington State’s Water Code on its 100th Anniversary by Joe Morrice, LHG, Associate Hydrogeologist, Aspect Consulting, LLC (Seattle, WA)

Financing Green Stormwater Infrastructure - Adapted from "Working with the Market: Economic Instruments to Support Investment in Green Stormwater Infrastructure” (2017) by Seth Brown, Storm and Stream Solutions, LLC (Springfield, VA) and Carrie Sanneman, Willamette Partnership (Portland, OR)

Water Briefs:
“EPA’s Voluntary WaterSense Program Demonstrated Success” - Office of the Inspector General (EPA) Report
Sewer Overflows Project: “Big Pipe” Success in Portland, Oregon
Agricultural Water Conservation Grants Approved by Texas Water Development Board
Urban Supply Plans: Incremental Infrastructure Additions Versus Large-Scale Projects
SGMA Requirements & Extraction Information Released by California's State Water Resources Control Board
“Trading Sustainably: Critical Considerations for Local Groundwater Markets Under the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act” - Report Released
Wastewater Spill in Montana: DEQ Announces Consent Order With Fines, Reimbursement & Project Requirements
Mercury Water Quality Criteria Limits Approved by EPA in California
Pesticides Impact: USGS Midwest Study Released - Toxicity in Streams Impact
Yakima Stream Adjudication for Surface Water Rights in Washington Nearing End

Testimonial for The Water Report:

Dear Water Report,

Thanks for your article on the audit of the State of Oregon’s Water Resources Department in TWR #156 (February 15, 2017).   After reading the two-page article I downloaded the audit.

The section entitled “Water Rights in Oregon,” starting on page 6 of the audit, was worth the effort on its own of downloading the audit.

As you may know, we have had a subscription to TWR from its earliest days and not an issue goes by without me finding at least one article of interest but often I find myself reading several in each issue.

Rob Matthews, P. Geo.

Manager, Water Use Licensing Section

Manitoba Department of Sustainable Development

Winnipeg, Manitoba

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The Water Report: Water Rights, Water Quality and Water Solutions in the West

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     Water rights, water quality, and innovative uses of water resources are increasingly vital issues in the western United States. The Water Report — a monthly water news journal for water professionals — covers the battles and changes shaping the future of water law. Water quality of surface water and groundwater, the laws that govern discharges into the waters of the United States, and the technology utilized to deal with the challenges are also a focus of The Water Report.

     Throughout the West the management of water resources faces formidable challenges. Some are more gradual, as with the relentless pressures arising from an ever-increasing population. Some are subject to abrupt change, as when evolving federal mandates — the Clean Water Act, the Endangered Species Act, Superfund, Hydroelectric Relicensing, etc. — collide both with each other and with the legal edifice of established western water law. Climate change has added a new dynamic to management concerns.

     Also throughout the West, innovative water professionals in both the private and public sectors are hammering out practical solutions. These solutions, due to historical, geographical, and regulatory similarities, benefit from a multi-disciplinary analysis of how the lessons learned can be applied elsewhere. This multi-disciplinary approach is an important provision provided by The Water Report, so that professionals in the different areas of the water world — be they engineers, attorneys, or regulators — can all understand the issues presented by other disciplines.

     The importance of water issues will only increase. A unique publication — The Water Report — will keep you informed about the latest successful negotiations, changing administrative policies, significant court cases, practical technological advances, and pertinent legislation relating to western water law and management. Each month, our major articles provide in-depth analyses by leading experts in the water field, while our "Water Briefs" keep you up-to-date and provide contacts for additional information.

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