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Testimonial for The Water Report:

"I find The Water Report to be an excellent way to keep up on the many developments regarding water around the West. In addition to updates on many matters of interest to folks who follow water policy and water law, there are a number of in-depth analyses of important water questions. I recommend The Water Report without any hesitation."

Harrison C. ("Hap") Dunning, Professor of Law Emeritus, University of California at Davis

The Water Report’s Editors are well equipped to serve you:

David Moon is an attorney who has specialized in water law for over 30 years, practicing in Montana and Oregon. Moon is also a seasoned journalist, who for over 20 years has reported regularly on evolving water law issues. Moon graduated from Colorado College in 1975 and received his J.D. from the University of Idaho in 1979 (See CC Bulletin March 2005). He is a member of the Montana and Oregon BARs and was formerly a member of the Idaho BAR. While in college, David spent four summers working on the maintenance crew for the National Park Service at Old Faithful.

Prior to helping found TWR, David Light was Editor of the “Oregon Insider” — a highly respected professional newsletter covering state and federal environmental regulations — for over twenty years. Under Mr. Light’s management, the Oregon Insider enjoyed a resubscription rate of over 90% for more than a decade. The Oregon Insider was sold in 2010 to new ownership. Since 2004, Mr. Light has been the publisher and co-editor of The Water Report.

David Light was awarded the Pacific Northwest International Section of the Air & Waste Management Association’s (PNWIS/AWMA’s) Media Award in November 2012.  This award is bestowed annually “to a representative from the media who consistently presents accurate, balanced, and in-depth information on the environment.” The award was presented to Mr. Light at 2012’s annual PNWIS/AWMA Conference held in Portland, Oregon. 

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